Telling the story of those who put food on plates.

A marketing partner who will deal with the details of telling your story which will help grow your business - So you can get to work and live out the story that needs to be told.


What We Do

Let's have fun - Let's make a difference:
Let's go beyond the first 10 acres

Branding | Public Relations | Advertising | Media | Digital | Social | Event Planning


Where to start

Understanding Who You Are.

Every business is at a different inflection point.

Every business is on different journey.
Every business has a different story to tell.

We start by discovering who and where you are in your story. We figure out where you want to be in your business. Then, we devise a plan to get there and head out on our journey.

Working with Ten Acre Marketing

Every Acre is different.

Telling your story may involve a comprehensive annual marketing plan and execution, to one-off projects, to managing social media, to coordinating  trade-shows, to media tours, to working with your current agencies or something completely different.

This is your story. There is no template.


Let's Tell A Great Story

Is your brand stuck and you don't know what to do about it?

Do you have an idea, an opportunity, a challenge?

Are you having a good day and you want to tell someone?

Let's tell the dang story!



Grand Forks, ND, USA

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