Amplifying the Power of Agriculture

Our vision is to amplify the power of agriculture. Rooted in agriculture and driven by results, we craft compelling strategies that connect and inspire. Our mission is to be the ultimate marketing partner to advance agriculture, leveraging a comprehensive network, deep industry insights, and an unrelenting passion for affecting change.

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What Agriculture Means to Us

Ten Acre Marketing understands that agriculture is many things. 

It’s production agriculture, it’s agribusiness, it’s commodity organizations. 

It’s orchards, it's packing sheds, it’s what's at the store, and it’s how you nourish your body. 

It’s trucks, it’s policy making, it’s delicious food. 

It’s fertilizer and weather. 

It’s Ten Acre Marketing.

The Story of Ten Acre

Ten Acre is a marketing agency that positions brands to advance agriculture and produce. It is founded on a lifetime of farming experience, a wealth of marketing knowledge, and an unrivaled industry network.

Founded in 2019, by a 4th generation potato farmer with the confidence of a farmer’s voice, Ten Acre is a catalyst for growth across an expanding agricultural supply chain. Together with a world-class team, healthy respect, and a deep understanding of the rapid pace of changes in agriculture and produce.

Ten Acre company name was inspired by our founder, Leah’s Halverson's, Great Grandfather, Hallie Halverson. He started growing potatoes in 1928 in a small town in North Dakota. He used what he knew about the market, the environment, and consumer trends, creativity, and a great deal of passion, to do something different and set the stage for something even greater. That sentiment has lasted for over four generations, and the farm has grown to over 30,000 acres.

It all started with Ten Acres.

Services to Inspire Unique Solutions

As a specialized, full-service agricultural marketing agency, we understand your industry's unique challenges and opportunities. From media relations, event planning, and ad placements to targeted campaigns, creating digital and social media assets, and tradeshow activations, we use all the tools in our toolbox.

Ten Acre Marketing


Navigate your opportunities with a master plan outlining your path to achieving your goals.

Ten Acre Marketing


Amplify your brand's voice amongst key audiences with strategies and tactics that turn whispers into a clear, strong statement.

Ten Acre Marketing


Craft a stellar image and manage your reputation, modifying headlines into success stories.

Ten Acre Marketing


Bring your vision to life with brilliant designs and compelling content that captivates and converts.

Ten Acre Marketing


Make your brand impossible to ignore with targeted campaigns that capture attention and drive action.

Ten Acre Marketing


Dream up other ideas, activations, events, and messages to amplify your brand and set your brand up for success.