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A rebrand that brought fresh eyes and attention.


Northland Potato Growers Association


Northland Potatoes, an organization representing potato growers in Minnesota and North Dakota, faced a decline in grower participation and a lack of industry visibility. Despite overseeing over 80,000 acres of various potato types in the Red River Valley, they struggled to capture the attention of retail buyers and consumers. The challenge was to rekindle enthusiasm among younger growers, who are vital to the organization's future, and to create broader brand awareness. The organization needed a refreshed appeal to engage the next generation of growers and elevate its industry presence.


Ten Acre Marketing revitalized Northland Potatoes with a new logo that resonated with younger growers, sparking excitement and engagement within the association. The logo featured a red "N" with a carrot arrow, symbolizing the direction North, and included state outlines and the tagline "Generations of Flavor." Additionally, the "Potat-Oh-Yeah!" campaign was launched, incorporating digital displays, television, metro buses, and billboards, with local Food Network Chef Molly Yeh as the spokesperson. This campaign significantly increased brand visibility and participation. Ten Acre Marketing's comprehensive strategy, from design to execution, successfully modernized Northland Potatoes' image and enhanced its appeal to both growers and consumers.

Northland Potatoes Brand Logo
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“Ten Acre Marketing did an exceptional job rebranding our growers association. They understood our unique industry and crafted a brand identity that resonated with our grower members. The new branding has revitalized our image, increased engagement, and positioned us as a leader in the market. Their passion for agriculture, creativity, and expertise has transformed our brand and inspired a new level of success within our organization.”  

Jacey Kuersteiner, Interim Executive Director

NPGA Potat-Oh-Yeah Campaign
NPGA Potat-Oh-Yeah