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Michigan Apple Committee


The Michigan Apple Committee aimed to amplify the voices of Michigan Apples growers, particularly the younger generation, by equipping them with effective communication skills. Ten Acre Marketing organized a one-day social media training program, combining classroom sessions with hands-on experiences in the orchards. Seasoned experts guided participants through social media basics and advanced photography techniques, fostering creativity and storytelling skills. The program created a platform for growers to authentically showcase their farms and values, leveraging platforms like TikTok for broader outreach.


Ten Acre Marketing empowered Michigan Apple growers to confidently share their stories and business practices with consumer audiences using social media. The collaboration resulted in transformative outcomes for the growers, who gained newfound confidence and a toolkit for engaging audiences on their own platforms.

Additionally, they contributed to the main Michigan Apple TikTok channel with captivating content. Equipped with compelling narratives and digital skills, these brand ambassadors now serve as authentic voices, connecting consumers with the rich heritage of Michigan apples. Their engaging content has yielded impressive results, with several stories even achieving viral status.

Handpicked Summit Michigan Apple TikTok Training
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"The Handpicked Social Media Summit allowed us to cultivate brand ambassadors to represent the Michigan Apple industry online. While many young growers are already active on social media, the summit shared best practices, tips and information to enable them to best represent the industry on platforms reaching our target audience."

- Diane Smith, Executive Director


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