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CommonGround North Dakota, a farmer-led initiative, aims to bridge the gap between consumers and farmers by providing transparent, factual information about agriculture and food production. With agriculture comprising only 1.3% of total U.S. employment, improving trust and communication is vital. To facilitate conversations between agriculture experts and consumers, Ten Acre Marketing proposed a podcast to offer convenience and accessibility. The podcast features hosts Jenn Haugen, a sports nutrition expert, and Heather Schneider, a regional chef, targeting women aged 30-55, who play a significant role in household grocery shopping.


The podcast effectively bridged the gap between farmers and consumers, fostering understanding and trust while raising awareness of agricultural realities. Engaging a wide North Dakota audience, it promoted sustainable agricultural practices and informed decision-making. The relatable insights from the hosts resonated with the target demographic, enhancing audience engagement. Active social media management facilitated seamless interactions, enriching the overall experience.

Ten Acre handled the development, scheduling, content creation, advertising, and social media management, ensuring the podcast's success across all major platforms, including YouTube and the ND Common Ground website. This dedicated website served as a central hub for resources and information, further boosting the initiative's reach and impact. This approach cultivated long-term relationships and community engagement, bolstering the sustainability and support of North Dakota's agricultural sector.

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“Ten Acre Marketing brought new life to this program through their creativity, planning, and thorough execution of marketing strategies. New ideas are always coming to the table from this team. They are wonderful communicators and have kept us abreast of our campaign measurements and helped us analyze them to set direction."

-   Heidie Haugo, Communications Director

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