Bright Farms Booth Display

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BrightFarms, a newcomer to the fresh produce industry, recognized the crucial necessity of establishing brand awareness for their locally-grown salad kit products. Ten Acre Marketing's strategy focused on introducing BrightFarms to the industry and positioning them as leaders in the indoor growing space. This was achieved through booth presence at two major produce shows, complemented by pre- and post-show activities designed to maximize attendance and impact. 


Ten Acre Marketing's expert management of BrightFarms' tradeshow endeavors and public relations was pivotal in the company's rise. Their adept execution led to a lively and engaging booth at the IFPA and SEPC produce shows, amplifying brand recognition and drawing unprecedented foot traffic. Ten Acre Marketing handled the design, planning, logistics, and execution of the booth, marking BrightFarms' debut in the produce industry. Leveraging their industry knowledge, they cultivated actionable lead generation that resonated with the target audience. Additionally, Ten Acre generated buzz through compelling press coverage, enhancing BrightFarms' media visibility and facilitating their industry debut.

Bright Farms Booth Display

"With the strategic guidance of Ten Acre Marketing, our booth punched above our weight – and the retail buyers loved it."

- Jessica Soare, Director of Marketing

Bright Farms Booth Display
Bright Farms Booth Display