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How a logo can communicate integrity.


Garza Labor


Garza & Sons Labor Contractors LLC operated under three different names: Garza & Sons, Continental Connect, and H-2Aide. To unify their business identity and enhance the customer experience, we consolidated these personas into a single cohesive brand: Garza Labor. This rebranding aimed to communicate their trustworthiness and extensive experience in the H-2A and specialty crop agriculture industries under one unified name. As part of this transformation, we revamped their print materials, website, and messaging to align with the new brand identity and effectively meet their objectives.


The rebranding of Garza Labor positions the company as a model of integrity in labor contracting services, underscored by their exceptional employee and client retention rates. The new logo, inspired by the Garza family heritage and the legacy they are building, instills trust in the company as a responsible employer for both domestic and temporary workers. This unified brand eliminates the confusion caused by multiple previous identities, allowing Garza Labor's leadership to confidently engage in workforce policy discussions and pursue new business opportunities with a singular, authoritative voice.

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"I was honored to be nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year for Michigan and Ohio and attended the finalist event. While there, I received countless compliments on our logo. Thank you to you and your team for creating it."

- Eloy Garza, CEO & Founder

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