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But What If People Notice?

It's scary to do something new. It's scary to put yourself out there. What if people notice?

Being from North Dakota - It's not common to put yourself front and center.

Being a Marketer - It's mandatory to put people and brands front and center.

Enter mixed feelings when launching a new company.

Stepping out of my own personal comfort zone, we took the launch of Ten Acre Marketing and treated it like we would for a client. I knew it was the right thing to do for the business, but I also needed to be reminded of what it's like to feel completely uncomfortable - just like many companies feel when promoting themselves or a new brand or a new product. I hear it all the time:

"We're really proud of this, but we don't want to be braggadocios or annoying - so we'll just see how it plays out. No need to make a big deal of it. People will find out on their own if they care."


We put together an announcement, sent it out to our media friends and waited. We didn't have to wait long. All of a sudden, Ten Acre Marketing was everywhere in the industry publications. Here Here Here and Here.

People suddenly knew my little secret. WHAT DID WE DO? People who care now know we're open for business and what we can do to help them! Um yeah, that's the point.

Seeing this in the wild - is not in my comfort zone. But, it starts to tell the story.

It's uncomfortable for many people to talk about themselves. It's uncomfortable to put yourself out there - even though, you know you have to. That's how businesses grow. So, what we've learned from this, is that it's necessary to get out of your comfort zone. Be proud of what you're doing and who you are. Let people know in a systematic, professional and authentic way.

There is overkill when talking about yourself, and we see it on social media every day. Because of the current over-share mentality in some - many are skeptical of telling their own story. It is assumed that it will be seen as annoying or unproductive - even a detriment to your brand. There's no real definition of too much - but it falls in the category of "I know it, when I see it". Do not let these over-sharers stop you or your brand from telling your true, interesting and important story.

If you have something relevant to say, say it proudly and with authority.

If you have a story to tell that people need to hear, tell it authentically.

If you are going to offer something that is of value to someone else, communicate it professionally and strategically.

I stepped out of my own comfort zone, and I am now finding the magic.

What's stopping you?


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