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Why Wait?

These last few weeks, we've seen two incredible privately funded things happen that changed history, changed science, and more importantly - changed mindsets. Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos launched their own ships into space. They just did it. They paid for it themselves, they brought together amazing teams on their own, and they didn't wait for permission. They had a goal and went for it.

Now, not everyone has the same resources that Branson and Bezos have - obviously. However, everyone has the ability to have that same mindset. "Why watch someone else do this cool thing that I'm completely capable of? Why wait for someone to ask me to do it? Why wait for permission?"

Space travel is one thing - however, why not bring that mindset and ambition to our companies, our brands, and even our careers? Why wait? Scratch that itch when you want to - when you think "that'd be awesome to completely change the way people see, interact, engage with, do, FILL IN THE BLANK" - What are you waiting for?

Ten Acre Marketing has been a thought in my brain for years and years. Finally, I woke up and thought "okay, now is the time. I'll go do it - I don't know how exactly, I don't know what's going to happen - but I know this needs to be done, and it's what I want to do". I didn't wait for my family to tell me what to do (even though they do....all the time). I didn't wait for my daughter to be self-sufficient so that I had time, and I didn't wait for my friends to ghost me because they were sick of hearing me talk about this. My mind was made up and I took action and I haven't looked back.

I'd like to assume that Sir Richard and Mr. Bezos woke up one day and thought, "Screw NASA, I can do this better, faster, and make it more relevant while changing the world. Now, who do I know that can help?" Then they scribbled down some thoughts on their fancy napkins and went down that rabbit hole hard and fast - to get civilians into space on their own rocket ship.

Why wait to create that new brand, to take a risk, to do that thing? Waiting for permission or waiting to be asked to do something can be gut-wrenching. Do it yourself! Bust out of the normal. Don't be scared of what can go wrong, but be scared of what can go right. We've been saying this since day one atTen Acre Marketing - Be Careful What You Wish For. Because when you follow through with action - your wish just may come true.


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