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Beyond My First 10 Acres

Brother - John, Me - Leah, Dad - Gregg, Brother - Eric. Potato Field - Circa 1982

I'm a 4th generation potato farmer.

Being a potato farmer is the backbone of everything I've done and who I am - on the farm and off the farm. I've been a part of the business my entire life in one way or another, and I always will be. My potato farming career is not that of a typical farmer.

But I am a farmer, nonetheless.

Instead of being in the tractor, I've been in the office.

Instead of being in the field, I've been talking to customers and to consumers.

Instead of being in the warehouse, I've been sharing our story.

Instead of coming right back to the farm, I worked for other companies after college.

Also - there is no such thing as a typical farmer.

Hallie Halverson, plowing those first 10 acres. Circa 1930

My great grandpa, Hallie Halverson started Black Gold Farms in 1928 with ten acres. I've thought about those ten acres a lot. I've also thought about what a banker was thinking. He knew something. He had a vision. He understood that it was just the beginning of something incredible.

He started out as a banker and ended up being a potato farmer. I would say, he was probably a potato farmer his entire life as well.

Being a farmer is who I am at my core...But, there’s an entrepreneurial and creative spirit in my DNA that I can’t ignore. I've been on the non-typical farmer path for a reason. I have been experiencing, learning, and preparing to do more. After having an idea in my head for a few years that wouldn’t go away, a desire in my heart, and the support of my family I'm so excited to go beyond MY first 10 acres.

Me. Taking in potato harvest in Texas. Being a farmer.

Ten Acre Marketing is an organization that supports agricultural and food-based companies through brand development, strategic marketing planning, creative, digital, social media, public relations and event planning. Things that I have been doing for almost 15 years (yikes).

A marketing partner who will deal with the details of telling your story which will help grow your business - So you can get to work and live out the story that needs to be told.

I'm a farmer who shares the stories of how food gets to your plate. I love telling Hallie's story - which is also a part of my story. I love supporting those who are still working with their first 10 acres, and those who are well beyond. I'm so excited to be able to continue to learn about others and help share those stories that have yet to be told.


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