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BrightFarms Booth Development




As a newcomer to the fresh produce industry, BrightFarms recognized the critical need to establish brand awareness for their locally-grown, fresh salad kit products. With Ten Acre Marketing's comprehensive understanding of retailers and other industry stakeholders, BrightFarms entrusted them to craft and implement a brand strategy. This strategy aimed to firmly establish BrightFarms' presence in the market and make a lasting impact.

To introduce BrightFarms to the industry and amplify their position as a category leader within the indoor growing space through a booth presence at two prominent produce shows, coupled with pre-and-post show activities aimed at boosting attendance.

Ten Acre Marketing spearheaded the design, planning, logistics and execution of a booth from inception, introducing BrightFarms to the produce industry for the first time. Leveraging Ten Acre’s industry expertise and a deep understanding of the audience’s preferences, we cultivated actionable leads for BrightFarms that strongly resonated with the intended audience. Furthermore, we orchestrated buzz by generating compelling press coverage both pre and post-show, thereby enhancing their media visibility and facilitating their industry debut.


Ten Acre Marketing's adept handling of BrightFarms' tradeshow efforts and public relations significantly contributed to the company's elevation. Their skillful execution resulted in the creation of a vibrant and inviting booth at the IFPA and SEPC produce shows. This initiative not only heightened brand awareness but also elevated creative presentation, attracting unprecedented foot traffic to the booth.

Merit Award

Earned a NAMA 2023 Merit Award for Exhibit Design

BrightFarms Color Photo Entry (1)-2.jpg

“Overall with our booth design and strategy, we punched above our weight – and the buyers knew.”


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