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Handpicked Social Media Summit 


The Michigan Apple Committee recognized the importance of amplifying the compelling voices behind Michigan Apples and their growers. With a vision to broaden their reach and engagement, they embarked on a mission to recruit growers to represent the committee. Furthermore, there was a pressing need to equip these growers, particularly the younger generation, with the skills to authentically represent the committee’s voice and effectively communicate with the public.


The primary goal was two-fold: to attract a dynamic and youthful cohort of growers to the committee and to empower them with the expertise to articulate the essence of Michigan Apples. This involved harnessing the power of social media platforms, particularly TikTok, to tell their stories. Through transparency and authenticity, growers would have the opportunity to showcase their farms, practices, and values while mastering various communication channels.


Ten Acre Marketing orchestrated a one-day social media training program for young growers, poised to become the voices of Michigan Apples. Combining classroom sessions with practical experience in the orchards, the program offered hands-on learning. Seasoned experts from Ten Acre shared invaluable insights, covering everything from social media fundamentals to advanced photography and videography techniques. Through meticulously crafted lessons, participants were encouraged to unleash their creativity and refine their storytelling skills. The program, meticulously curated from scheduling to catering, fostered an environment of inspiration and camaraderie, punctuated with engaging activities.


Ten Acre Marketing provided Michigan Apple growers with the confidence and tools to share their stories and business practices with consumer audiences through the power of social media. The collaboration with Ten Acre Marketing proved transformative for Michigan Apple growers. They emerged from the program with newfound confidence and a toolkit to effectively engage audiences on their own social media platforms, while also contributing to the new main TikTok channel with grower content. Armed with compelling narratives and digital platform skills, these brand ambassadors now serve as authentic voices, bridging the gap between consumers and the rich heritage of Michigan apples. Their entertaining content has generated impressive statistics, with some stories even going viral.

Merit Award

Earned a NAMA 2023 Merit Award for Internal Event Category


These grower stories became a cornerstone of Michigan Apple’s new social strategy, as Ten Acre expanded their TikTok channel with informative and entertaining content.


This outlet was aimed at consumers of apples, bolstering sales of Michigan apples specifically.


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