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CommonGround ND Campaign Video





Garza & Sons Labor Contractors LLC was presenting themselves publicly under three different names: Garza & Sons, Continental Connect and H-2Aide. It was time to bring the multiple businesses personas under one brand to deliver a cohesive customer experience to match their exceptional service.

To communicate trustworthiness and illustrate their experience in the H2A and specialty crop ag industries under one name.

We created a cohesive brand under one new name for the organization, Garza Labor. From this brand their print materials, website, and message got an overhaul to meet the objective.


The new, elevated brand will position Garza Labor as the gold standard for labor contracting services, through their integrity and unrivaled retention rates of both employees and clients. The logo is inspired entirely by the heritage of Garza family and legacy that the company is currently building. It instills trust in the company as an employer who is doing right by their workforce, both domestic and temporary. It also clears up any confusion caused by the multiple brand entities, allowing the Garza Labor leadership to engage in workforce policy and new business opportunities with one confident voice.

Merit Award

NAMA 2023 merit award for advertising campaign element in Region III.

Stat #2

Another outcome/stat, maybe info about ad campaign results.

CGND case study-01.png

A lil' blurb here about Chef Heather & why she's in the video.

CGND case study-02.png

A lil' blurb here about Chelsey & kids why they're in the video.

CGND case study-03.png

A lil' blurb here about Maartje & why she's in the video.

CGND case study-04.png

A lil' blurb here about Jenn & why she's in the video.

Nice pullout quote here or information about the CommonGround purpose/initiative, how this video ties into that.

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