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The Value of Ten Acre Marketing

We push brands beyond their first Ten Acres with our experience, fun, and creativity to tell the stories of those who put food on our plates.

Every good brand starts with a story, and Ten Acre Marketing’s is no different. Leah’s family farm, Black Gold Farms, started with only ten acres in 1928. Leah's great grandfather, Hallie Halverson, combined his business sense, ingenuity, and a great deal of enthusiasm to do something different – raise certified seed potatoes on ten acres. This idea would end up setting the stage for a farm that would span 4 generations, producing potatoes across 30,000 acres. Ten Acre Marketing was founded on the belief that the right combination of strategy, passion, and creativity can launch a brand from good to great.

We focus on agriculture. This is what we know, how we live, and what we love. Our passion is driven by creating meaningful connections between those that put food on our plates and their customers. Ten Acre Marketing does not believe in the rinse and repeat approach. We go into each project or campaign with fresh eyes and open minds. Each client is unique – with different challenges and objectives. We will push the limits to do what it takes to make our clients successful.

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